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What is a luxury life up to you?

What is a luxury life?

Living in a $100 million mansion?

Owning the most expensive car brands?


You are leading a luxury life;

if, you have a healthy body

if, you are able to do daily tasks your own

if, you have access to clear running water

if, you have enough food 

if, you have a roof over your head

if, you can sleep and live without any fear ( war, abduction, theft )

if, you have someone to care and love you

if, you have a family that stands for you

if, you have the freedom to express yourself

You are a king !!!

because all of the above mentioned is the dream of someone else.


Bird chirps

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Late the fall evenings,

the family arrives,

sits on the branches,


Before the last winter,

they left the clouds,

but were two,

love birds.

They fly together,

sing at a uniform rhythm,

eat together,

swim in the little pound.

This moment a new born.

One red, guess the father,

other grey, with red beak, the mother-

son or daughter?

in grey feather, red beak!

They chirping,

training the kid;

how, to survive the world.

They leaped along with her,

watching the kid catching prey;

yelled, beat her with beaks,

when the kid refused to heed.

The kid tried to fly alone, but

cannot flutter high in air-

can’t blame her,

success comes after failures.

Waited last few weeks,

watching the kid fly, fail, fall,

crying in pain.

Time heals,

ecstasy diluted heart,

watching her flying ,

with a red feathered mate;

over the clouds and hills.

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