Beyond the world of ignorance

City of Lights- New York

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9/11 devastated her,

shed bloods and tears,

but raised again with pride,

the city of lights- New York.

Flourished around,

the central park, 

skyscrapers kissed,

pierced through the skies;

the glass windows scattered,

all the beams of sun,

leaving every objects glowing.

In the nights,

reflected more spectrum

of fancy bulbs, looking like

a bunch of bursting crackers.

Walkways and streets,

never leave deserted;

it smells hot dogs, cheese,

and unknown scents.

Changing weather given her,

different hues of shades;

she gives goosebumps,

with  huge suspension bridges,

floating across the never ending,

deep blue lakes, rivers.

She amazes with the classic shows,

plays,  music at the Broadways.

She fascinates with,

historic museums, zoos, landmarks.

She is gorgeous, versatile,

strong, harder to destroy,

 still growing.


Winter Blues


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Along the roadsides,

trees were shivering with

branches holding heap of snowflakes;

they were pilling up,

stacking each other on top.

The branches began to drop down,

as they were touching the grounds.

Tree hollow was buried under,

cluster of  ice crystals,

a cuckoo chick extended her brittle beaks,

and letting her fellow ones that,

how horrible the weather is!

On the messy roads,

cars struggled to move,

but continued on a slow pace.

Those parked cars almost,

looked like snow huts,

ready to be occupied.

The wiper blades were already

raised to both sides but,

snow was hard on it.

Kids were building their snowman,

giggling and pretending to be his friend.

Teens and adults walking around,

with their snow shovels,

but can’t see their face and hands,

they were covered with furry garments.

Can hear their snow boots,

smashing the slushy piles of snow.

At a far distance,

they resembled busy penguins,

wearing black and white jackets.

but, did they really enjoyed the snow?

Everything was dull and cold,

made it hard to see the dead ends.

But, nature is restless,

she heals us and herself.

My guardian angel

Time to time,

beginning to the end,

I feel the touch of,

the guardian angel.

He saves me from the arrows,

thrown on me.

He stand  against the people,

who betrayal me.

He protects me from  hazards,

give me the instinct feel,

to choose, the right and wrong.

He send the right people into

my life, who cares and loves me.

Sometimes I feel lost,

confused, and has no faith in him,

but he  guides me at the last moment,

before I  fall down.

He give me lessons,

taught me, not be afraid of the past,

enjoy the present,

dream the future.

When I think I failed,

he tells me, “it is not failure,

but the path to success,

try until you get it”.

I know his presence,

as a wind, a feeling,

or a person.

He has no religion, color,

or name.

But he is everywhere,

the Guardian Angel.

Soul traveler

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I swear, I felt

the sun,

the earth,

and the oceans.

Now, shedding my,



and cells,

to liberate my soul,

and travel across the cosmos.

Rising the altitudes,

I discerned the spiral energy waves-

the residue of big bang,

the fire of existence.

Hard to watch, but peered,

the cluster of foggy clouds-

nebula, delivering her

twinkling infants;

they were loud and bouncy,

whirled into the infinity.

I slept on the lap,

of fifth dimension,

the supreme consciousness.

Rising again,

I saw a unlighted pit,

soul of The universe?

Surrounded by ghostly figures,

and its end can’t be seen.

I tried to flee, but rapidly swallowed.

Soul smashed,

heart popped,

and unsealed my eyes,

with a heavy breath.

Clock was ticking,

and fog sealed my windows.

I comforted under the fluffy blanket,

only to watch the mighty moon wink.

A Lost Pony

Picking up the pebbles.

Chasing those furious crabs,

I met a stray pony,

hiding under the shadows.

He was quiet,but patient;

his gaze fixed at a point,

and tail forget to move a bit.

His head dropped down,

had expressions, hard to read!

He wasn’t noticing  the noisy crowd,

or bothered about the whisking sea waves.

Perhaps, he was busy dreaming the-

lustrous forest, and the roaming clouds!

Then a bright flash from far distance,

struck on his gloomy  eyelids, and

tried to scatter the tears apart!

But, still he kept the eyes open,

staring on the moving shades.

His neck rope end wasn’t tied up,

yet he never struggled to run off!

Suddenly, he pulled out his horseshoe,

soaked in the wet salty sands,

then walked away in a hurry-

now, carrying someone on his back.

Yes! he is a pack horse,

pledged to bear his fate.

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