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What is a luxury life up to you?

What is a luxury life?

Living in a $100 million mansion?

Owning the most expensive car brands?


You are leading a luxury life;

if, you have a healthy body

if, you are able to do daily tasks your own

if, you have access to clear running water

if, you have enough food 

if, you have a roof over your head

if, you can sleep and live without any fear ( war, abduction, theft )

if, you have someone to care and love you

if, you have a family that stands for you

if, you have the freedom to express yourself

You are a king !!!

because all of the above mentioned is the dream of someone else.


Soul of Earth



We tortured her immortal soul

with the rusty machines and toxic chemicals.

Her pain accumulated as in a hot ballon!

In a sudden,her mighty soul explodes;

it smashes the untouchables.

She is unconcerned about our power and fame,

she is not terrified about our religion and wealth.

The pride and  heaps of money can’t stop her way,

in a tick of a second she make us utterly helpless;

the wind blows away the tiny pinches of hope!

Her anguish soul, knock down the lusty mountains,

her fiery pair of eyes, blaze the darkest woods,

her miserable veins, shake the rigid ocean floors,

her painful limbs, tremble the firm tectonic plates,

her distress heart, break the stiffest volcanoes.

She explodes herself into the deserted heavens;

extends her sturdy arms to conquer our mortal souls!



Summer Ducks

Image result for ducks leaving

A pack of them take off,

flew over the blue skies.

I saw them building up

geometric lines that nobody

else can follow.


They drove into infinity,

so my naked eyes can’t see them beyond.

They might be scared of the lifeless winter

when the snow chills their throats;

stabs their pounding hearts.


The thousands of miles they wander

finally reaches their homes

they may shed their cold tears,

or flutter their warm wings in joy

to feel the greens of mountains.


I admire the innocence they

occupy in their eyes and loudly quacks.

Every time I opened the balcony doors

they flew briskly towards me

expecting the joy of meals.


Here I stand behind the closed doors,

emotionless, hoping they will come next year

on a warm summer evening;

quaking desperately, letting me

know, how hungry they are!



A Fall Leaf

Related image

Drifted to the current
across the restless lake
She looked aimless
and flowing briskly despite
of her emotion.
The fellow pebble rocks
blocked her way  to eternity,
but she was unable to stick on them.
She was alone, bloomed so early
in last summer
with green silky fabrics on her.
Now, she is fallen, lost,
and trashed.
She had grief
her pain stabbed her throat
burned her heart to red.
Her dark spots revealed the
isolation from her mother tree.
She can’t go back; only
meant to drown and die.


I was a kite

Image result for kite

Yesterday, I was a kite,

wandering along the wind,

waving my tiny hands,

touching the seamless skies.

Despite of the directions,

up and downs,

I awkwardly moved,

with the strokes of strings:

I was tied onto.

Who tied me to the end?

But I flew with the flow,

My heart was wishing to

be down, lay on earth.

My throat was blocked,

and can’t split out,

the word- freedom.

Today I have the courage,

to cut off the strings,

I was tied onto.

Yes! I am free to

conquer the world.


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