Beyond the world of ignorance

Soul traveler

Image result for human soul art

I swear, I felt

the sun,

the earth,

and the oceans.

Now, shedding my,



and cells,

to liberate my soul,

and travel across the cosmos.

Rising the altitudes,

I discerned the spiral energy waves-

the residue of big bang,

the fire of existence.

Hard to watch, but peered,

the cluster of foggy clouds-

nebula, delivering her

twinkling infants;

they were loud and bouncy,

whirled into the infinity.

I slept on the lap,

of fifth dimension,

the supreme consciousness.

Rising again,

I saw a unlighted pit,

soul of The universe?

Surrounded by ghostly figures,

and its end can’t be seen.

I tried to flee, but rapidly swallowed.

Soul smashed,

heart popped,

and unsealed my eyes,

with a heavy breath.

Clock was ticking,

and fog sealed my windows.

I comforted under the fluffy blanket,

only to watch the mighty moon wink.


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