Beyond the world of ignorance

A Lost Pony

Picking up the pebbles.

Chasing those furious crabs,

I met a stray pony,

hiding under the shadows.

He was quiet,but patient;

his gaze fixed at a point,

and tail forget to move a bit.

His head dropped down,

had expressions, hard to read!

He wasn’t noticing  the noisy crowd,

or bothered about the whisking sea waves.

Perhaps, he was busy dreaming the-

lustrous forest, and the roaming clouds!

Then a bright flash from far distance,

struck on his gloomy  eyelids, and

tried to scatter the tears apart!

But, still he kept the eyes open,

staring on the moving shades.

His neck rope end wasn’t tied up,

yet he never struggled to run off!

Suddenly, he pulled out his horseshoe,

soaked in the wet salty sands,

then walked away in a hurry-

now, carrying someone on his back.

Yes! he is a pack horse,

pledged to bear his fate.


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One thought on “A Lost Pony

  1. Maria Donald on said:

    It is really hard to watch animals suffer.

    Liked by 1 person

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