Beyond the world of ignorance

Walking through the darkness

Walking down the streets,

I felt the roasted darkness,

left behind by the starry nights.

It was deep and restless,as

the chilly wind blown through it.

On the edges of sidewalks, every thing

was filled with the pain of loneliness.

Flowers shed their petals,

when the wind frosted its scents!

Bees hide behind the caves,

as honey lost its savor!

Crickets kept the silence,

yet murmuring for the glorious sky!

The silence, the loneliness; suffocated

me, with the dirty arms of solitude.

I tried to open my eyes, harder

to see the brightness of waking sun,

but my eyes were glued

with the holy threads of fear.

I tried to swing my wings, severely

to fly over the joy of freedom,

but my wings were tied up

with the cold cord of oppression.

I was thrown into the stiffness of darkness,

while seeing the broken pavement resumes!


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